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Watch This: Star Wars Invades New York’s Subway

source Improv Everywhere

If you sitting on the subway in Glasgow and and couple of blokes dressed as the imperial stormtroopers along with a girl dressed as Princess Leia and the improvise a scene from Star Wars in a middle of the train. Well there would be a few members of the local police & mental health clinic waiting to take you away in straightjackets, with a few typical comments thrown in as well from the local population, but what if this happened in another city what would the reaction be?

Well Below is Star Wars invading New York Subway by the local group Improv Everywhere who reinact scenes in public spaces without notice. This is great stuff it could only happen in a metroplis like New York, where there is something happen in every public space, check out the trailer below and just below that is a Ghostbusters Improv scene the group did back in May.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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