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The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest & Piranha 3D New Posters

source LiveForFilms

Here is 2 new posters for you to admire first is the poster for Swedish thriller The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest which is the third and final movie in the Millenium Trilogy (created by Steig Larsson) which wont be out in UK until end of 2010 possibly earlier or even early 2010 . The Girl Who Played With Fire will be with us next month August 16th which Im looking  forward to is movie 2 the sequel to The Girl with the dragon Tattoo which I missed out, I first tried to see at Glasgow Film Festival but was sold out in minutes of the sale!!! I think I’ll try watch the movies then read the book like Im doing with the road and Im appreciating the story better.

Also Below is another poster for Piranha 3D which  look like a slight update of the previous poster (which was Jaw-stastic homage to Jaws)instead of one nasty little critter in the water its a pack of nasty nippers! This movie just looks so cheesy I wonder how many critics will give this movie more than 2 stars when they review it?mmm I wonder if trailers are deceiving and its a great movie? Or is it too violent? Well San Diego Comic-Con thinks it is and is off the schedule along with Steven Speilberg’s TerraNova tv show (which doesn’t have a reason yet for not going to Comic-Con yet).


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