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Editoral Bits: Reviews, 100,000 visitors (Thank you!!!)

Hello fellow movie fans I thought it was time for another editorial/updatish type post, got a few things have to say so here we are.

First of I have finally got a new laptop and its brilliant stuff having a new pc after the last year or two of just sheer hell. It was like every 3-4 weeks my laptopcame under attack from nasty viruses and if you follow my blog  you’ll know it once came under a serious attack that resulted in all my cash cards been stopped for security and I glad I called the bank as the following day they told me about a use of my card in Russia (I am near Glasgow scotland over 3,500 miles away!!!). Once the pc was cleared within 4 weeks the virsuses came back and my laptop called it a day but here we are new start, so far so good!

Due to that virus attack, as well the old laptop breaking down I lost several reviews which where The Crazies, Alice In Wonderland, Soloman Kane, Whip It and now the backlog of reviews is now around 8 reviews!!! I dont want ignore the reviews so in the next week or so I will post them, for now below ive posted my ratings for them along with a snippet. Talking of reviews The Peoples Movies is ran by 1 person, myself I am a hardcore movie fan who just loves movies, Im not a professional blogger as some people thought I was, you just have to look at the trailer page which I’ve still to post loads of links (with a graphic), same with reviews, interviews. The name of my blog the peoples movies is a blog for ordinary people to post there reviews by the people (you) for the people and even if you hate a movie that majority of people like no problem, post your review here! I maybe about to start work overseas again for summer and may not get the chance to watch movies regularly so Ill need your help with reviews, but if you dont want to review no problem you can send me movie related posts/articles, your graphics, if its movie related get in touch!!! Talking of Reviews again a big thank you to Travis McCollum who sent me loads of movie reviews, I urge you to check out his blog The Movie Encylcopedia and if you do tell him I reccomended you to his blog!!!

Wondercom that is something I probably will never get to like comicom both in USA, but the past few weeks Ive been asked if ill be covering these events and when I replied to those good folks who got in touch I wont be they where shocked I said no. The simple reason i’m not a professional blog, Im a movie fanatic who is based in scotland, unless some nice movie studio or major movie blog-site wants me to work for them I cant go. I would love to go but I couldnt afford the airfare, so thanks for the comments from people who see the peoples movies as a mainstream blog.

In November 20th,  2008 I decided lets start a movie website or a blog I had no idea what would be in it and how long the notion of doing a blog would stick by well 15 months down the line  I’m still here!!! The amazing feat that happened for the blog was over the easter weekend when the visitors number to  come to this blog went through the 100,000 mark!!!! From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for visiting  the blog, those who contributed, left comments, shared links or touched my blog in anyway its been a hard run and ill plan to stay around for a long time, so thank you all!!!

I know 100,000 over 15 months may not sound alot for some websites or blogs but my blog is on a free account, it limits what I can post, i haven’t paid for adverts or the promotion for the blog is through links, going on other blogs, forums pluggin away, signing up to blog /search engines that are free, giving away free advert space, posting on social networks. As you can see its working but in the first 6 months the blog was dying lucky to get 1000 visitors in 6 months and thanks to the summer 2009 the blog took off, now movie studios, distributor, bigger blogs are noticing the peoples movies. I now average 500-800 visitors a day even on days I dont post anything, plus its movie fans all over the world not just uk or ireland, Ive made some good friends and contacts, so once again thank you for your support!!!

Here’s those movie ratings and check the blog soon for full reviews:

The Crazies (4/5) a fantastic fast paced nothing original but a fantastic adaptation.

Soloman Kane (3.5/5) a dark gritty straight forward fantasy tale that surpised how good it turned out

Alice In Wonderland 2D (2/5) A poor disappointing  confusing movie

The Lovely Bones (3.5/5) Peter Jackson does well with books that seem by many to hard to be adapted to the cinema screen

Shutter Island (4/5) fantastic

Kakera (3/5) slow paced but curiousity kept me watching until the end

Whip it (4/5) Surpisingly entertaining movie that didnt feel like a chicflick as some described this movie as


Just watched: Kick-Ass (5/5) violent,funny and pure escapism

other movies seen and will be posted in the next 2 months: Gentleman’s Broncos (4/5) Bad Lieutenant (4/5) Frozen (4/5)Heartless (3/5)


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