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Hit “The Heights” With Peter Hedges –

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If someone was to say to me Peter Hedges without saying what he created I wouldn’t have a clue who he was, but if you said to me ‘What’s eating Gilbert Grape?’ the movie that introduced the Leonardo Di Caprio to the movie world then I would have  an idea what he created. Of course this was also the movie that put Johnny Depp on the top of the pedastool of been a leading adult lead actor as Hedges was the man behind the book the movie Gilbert Grape was based on and thats unbelievable its 16 years ago!!!

Since that book Hedges has only written one more book in 1998 with ‘An Ocean In  Iowa’ but a slight career change to screenwriting as well as directing with Pieces Of Evil and Dan In Real Life. Hedges is now just had his 3rd novel ‘The Heights’ published recently with Focus Pictures just required the movie rights to the book and they have hired him to adapt the book for the big screen as well as direct the movie.

The Heights is about a married couple living in Brooklyn Heights, New York City who have their lives turned upside by their mysterious but wealthy neighbour. Hedges will tema up with his old producing buddy John Lyons who he worked with on Pieces of April and is probably the reason for Focus Pictures aquiring the books movie rights as he is the studios president now!


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