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Carey Mulligan & Saorise Ronan to be in Geoffrey Fletcher’s Violet & Daisy?

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source SlashFilm

Despite Precious been an overwhelming success worldwide, many mainstream critics did not see Geoffrey Fletcher bagging the oscar this year the Best Adapted screenplay (good on him!!!). He rightly did pick up many movie awards from the independent spirit up to Blackreel, but as the accolades for Precious are coming Showbiz 411 say Geoffray Fletcher has started work on his next project.

Violet & Daisy will be Fletcher’s directoral debut (he’s on writing duties as well) and has been described as Thelma &Louise meets Superbad and Pulp Fiction, this sounds one crazy mash up dark comedy that sounds great stuff! Shall we expect alot of swearing, violence with a revenge road movie as well? If the movie is been described as the above movies for inspiration will we have a McLovin? a Gimp? or Both?!! McLovin would be good!!!

So what lovely ladies have been connected to play the movie’s main roles? An Education’s Carey Mulligan and Lovely Bones Saorise Ronan have the actress thrown into the limelight for this project but who is who in the movie  your guess is good as mines as none of the above has been made offical yet. Showbiz 411 have said

“may get a start this summer with two Oscar nominated actresses in the lead roles”


mmm, stay tuned for more details…


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