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CRYPTIC QUIZ TIME – Spot The 50 Movies, How Many Can You Name???

Here at The Peoples Movies HQ we love our movie related quizzes, crytic puzzles etc enough to frazzle your brain. Even though I may like my movies something like this its annoying but fun and when you struggle  and the answers get revealed you kick yourself not realising that movie you could decipher! Daily Mail have released below a cryptic picture which contains 50 movies from all the decades, so far ive only been able to get a few so if your like me not much to do before its back to work why not charge your brain up and see how many you can get get…..

I’m hoping for 2011 for weekends and sunday especially when theres not much movie stuff going around to introduce more trivia games, quizzes so got suggestions get in touch via the blog email (

if your brains frazzled and you want to cheat heres the link to the answers —> Cryptic Answers

source Daily Mail


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