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Gemma Arterton & Andrew Garfield Join Michael Mann’s CAPA

Its been known for at least 1 year now that Public Enemies/Collateral director Michael Mann was developing a project for a movie based on Robert Capa the renowned war photographer who had an two year affair with female photographer Gerda Taro during the Spanish Civil War. What we know is that the movie will simply be called CAPA and will start around 1935 in Paris, France where Capa a Hungarian refugee who meets Jewish German refugees Taro and since last year nothing has really been revealed apart from a ‘skeleton sketch’ of what the story maybe but yesterday it seems Totalfilm may have found out who Robert Capa & Gerda Taro will be played by.

In the magazine’s annual hottest Actress Gemma Arterton(Clash Of The Titans, Tamara Drewe) let slip that her and Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, Never Let Me Go) are to star in this adaptation. Arterton will play Taro who is actually the first ever female war photographer whilst Andrew Garfield who is currently shooting Marc Webb‘s Spiderman reboot will play Capa. The actual movie will be Based on the Susana Fortes novel Waiting for Robert Capa and this will be a romance film but not in the lovey dovey sense ans we must remember its pre World War 2.Both Capa & Taro are Jewish Communists Gerta Phorylle and Endre Friedmann who change there names in sake of selling there work which was pinnacle of highlighting the atrocities of then Facist Spain ruled by Franco but light any gung ho romances theres always tradegy looming around the corner.

This could be the film which could prove Arterton should be taken as a serious actress as previous movies havent really proven her potential or ability to be an diverse serious actress (though I havent seen Alice Creed). Its a busy year for her with the upcoming Clash Of The Titans 2 on the cards as well as London Fields the once connected David Cronenberg project now Michael Winterbottom, another project she let slip (Naughty Girl!). As for Mr Garfield its been an impressive 12 months as well as bright future ahead with his fantastic display in The Social Network and Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go which will be with us February but he does have the small matter of playing everyones favourite webslinger too in the Spiderman reboot.

CAPA doesnt have a release or even an start date for shooting but Ill do my best to inform you guys when things come more offical.




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