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Well today I was planning to to head to the city to check out a few new movies but the heavy snow has returned so its back to the website today and we start with another new tv spot for RABBIT HOLE.

 The stars Nicole Kidman & Aaron Eckhart as a grieving couple whose young child his tragically killed in a car accident both finding it hard to cope and effecting there marriage and Becca (Kidman) finds solace in the most unsual place with Danny the troubled young man who drove he car who killed there son. In this tv spot it seems to be a lot more cheerful and upbeat than previous trailer/spots which have been focusing on the emotion & trauma such events.

Its been a while since critics have actually said Nicole Kidman has been in a good movie and now it looks like she is now in one again which is good for her after several years of flops & near hits, the movie is now seeing the rewards as its one of the movies dominating awards nominations including Spirit awards.

Rabbit Hole will be released by Lionsgate on febuary 4th, 2011 in UK & Ireland with American release 17th december (limited).

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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