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Official TV Trailer For THUNDERCATS 2011 TV Show

Thundercats Are Go!

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Watch The Official Trailer/Promo For Season 2 Of THE WALKING DEAD!!!

If you can remember back to this time last year the anticipation for Frank Darabont‘s tv ¬†adaptation of THE WALKING DEAD Season 1 was launched at Comic Con 2010? 1 year on and there back and they’ve launched season 2 and we have a ¬†trailer/promo reel! 16th October is the date for American fans to watch the new season on AMC nothing is official on the exact date for FX in UK but what I believe its Halloween when the Walking Dead will return to Britis/Irish television screens!

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Watch Star Wars Deleted Scenes Blu-ray Trailer / Sizzlet!

September 12th is the date that every Star Wars fan is looking forward to, the epic STAR WARS COMPLETE SAGA box set will be released on BLU-Ray. Its one of franchises/releases getting a big push at Comic Con and our friends over at HeyUguys have gotten themselves a nice little exclusive deleted scene from the original movie, a scene thats never been seen before, enjoy!

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Watch The First MONEYBALL TV Spot Starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill

Been from the UK there’s only going to be a few massively supported sports Football (or soccer to Americans), Rugby, Cricket or Golf but when it comes to American sports the support is there but limited compared to USA. Baseball as we know is massive stateside but Brad Pitt’s inspirational Baseball flickMONEYBALL I’m actually really keen to see this after watching his last snorebore The Tree of Life.

MONEY BALL also stars Jonah Hill, Robin Wright, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Glenn Morshower and will be released in UK&Ireland on November 4th. Source