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G’Day Sport Here’s The Australian Trailer For MACHETE

at the start of September the American movie fans finally got the chance to see MACHETE whilst the rest of the world waits for their own national release.

Off course us mortals in UK & Ireland we still have 9weeks to go until November 26th (the last countries to see it) but just before Machete kicks ass on our screens our Australian cousins will catch the movie on November 11th and below is their trailer.I found this trailer same time as the Australian Priest trailer and looking at the trailer released by Sony Australia there is the odd tidbit of unseen footage but it is mostly same as the previous trailers already shown.

So will Machete worth all the hassle to go check it out? I hope so but looking at the after movie coverage of the American release the movie has stirred up a few people for various reasons. We know the movie is a exploitation movie so expect alot of Over the top antics, cheesy acting but some have called it a ‘racist movie’, pro mexican movie, whatever you want to call it its exploitation movie and there created to piss off people as well as entertain people, too many middle class conservative pc brigaders in the world, just chill for a bit guys!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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