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THE SOCIAL NETWORK International Trailer (Get a 5 track sampler from the movies score too!)

A Fillipino Trailer For David Fincher’s THE SOCIAL NETWORK has appeared online. The movie just looks fantastic and it has the early reviews to back it up with even some reviews calling it the perfect movie so you can say this will be a strong contender for some awards. When talk of making a movie on a social networked website people where laughing at the idea of making a movie, I was too but the marketing is proving the creation of the movie is looking a good idea!

Nine Inch Nails Front man Trent Reznor along with Atticus Ross have created the movies soundtrack which is going to be released on September 28th. To promote the movie as well as the soundtrack you can now download for free a 5 track sampler from the music and to get it head over here to download.

The Social Network will be in a cinema near you on October 15th or October 1st if your in North America.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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