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Don Cheadle & Freida Pinto To Star in Planet of The Apes Prequel?

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source Joblo

Sequels,prequels and reboots are nasty words  withing some of the movie media as well fandom, it’s common now that majority of the movie news, trailers will come from one  of those words. Prequels if done in the right way, right manner I can put up with those usually sometimes usually means they’ve taken a movie as far as they could with the franchise or the originals are just too god to be remade but then again more likely another excuse for movie companies to drain out income. Planet of the Apes is one franchise which is now getting a prequel and when it was recently confirmed that a prequel is coming with the filming to start shooting to start i the autumn.

We already know that James Franco will play lead role as the scientist who gives the apes the human intelligence which eventually helps them outwit the human race to overthrow them which sets up the story for the original movies. If the filming is n’t far away who else  will be in this prequel? According to Bloody Disgusting Fox have offered Don Cheadle and Slumdog Millionaire star  Freida Pinto parts to play in the movie.

The information on the script is very scarce, so what parts Cheadle & Pinto may play we dont really know at this time . Possibly Pinto may play one of Franco’s scientists with Cheadle possibly one of the villians of the movie like one of the owners of the apes whom he mistreats violently leading to the revolt of the apes.

All is still 100% unconfirmed as we’ve only seen parts of the script and what we know the characters would suit Cheadle and Pinto. The two have been offered the parts but both could turn down the parts, so in the meantime this will have to be labelled under rumour only but if filming is only 3-4 months away A’m sure we’ll hear alot more about this movie in the next month or two.


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