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Shia LeBeouf To Team With Robert Redford in THE COMPANY YOU KEEP

As Shia LeBeouf looks to his post Transformers acting career an era according to the young actor of more careful choices less blockbusters (does that included another Indiana Jones? Another franchise which should be calling it a day). We already know he will star in John Hillcoats Wettest County in The World with Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain but that looks like one potential good move in the right dirtection but what’s also coming for the actor?

According to a report by Variety LeBeouf is about to add another good movie to his workload in the shape of THE COMPANY YOU KEEP starring alongside screen legend Robert Redford who will direct as well as star in a movie based on Neil Gordon novel adapted by The Limey scribe Lem Dobbs.  The Political action thriller has a short synopsis:

Redford will play a former Weather Underground militant wanted by the FBI for 30 years who must go on the run when a young, ambitious reporter exposes his true identity. LaBeouf will play the budding journalist who’s determined to make a name for himself.

This looks a very wise move by the young actor and hopefully Mr Redford will pass over some wisdom & Knowledge and Shia would do no wrong by sitting up to listen . So far his ambitions to go higher look admirable but he must forget or even ignore any possible future blockbuster movies, you can never predict whats going to happen things may only go right for a period of time and he may have to fallback to those movies that got him his repuation once again!


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