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Jason Statham in line for movie 4 of TRANSFORMERS Franchise?

With Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf now calling time on there association with the Transformers franchise, it’s been no secret Paramount want to continue with our robotic friends on the big screen for a little while longer. The franchise is a money spinner for the studio and you dont have to be a scientist to understand you dont give up on something that raking in the cash but where do you go next in the Transformers franchise?

Showbiz Spy believe they have the answer by reporting Paramount want to take the franchise in a ‘darker direction’ but what they mean with ‘darker’ we still don’t know, but the article is reporting the studio have their lead man to take them in that direction…Jason Statham!

So has this rumour got anything to do with the fact he is dating the franchise’s recent leading lady Rosie Huntington – Whiteley?

“It’s clear the franchise still has huge potential but with a new leading man capable of taking Transfomers 4 in a new, darker direction. Jason Stathamcould be just the man to do that and his relationship with Rosie would be an added bonus in marketing the movie.”

This is a kids movie (small and big), but going dark?Isn’t the giant robots turning into vehicles, robo-violence, perversed mini-bots, toilet humour, throughout the script doesn’t that say Transformer’s is dark enough already? If they are to take the darker route I would suggest raising the actual movie rating go for teens but that could spell disaster for a money spinning franchise, but is Statham the man to take the bots in that direction?

This franchise will probably be rebooted and to start over again you need to get a new director in first and from that directors cv it will give you an indication how ‘dark’ that franchise can go. Who do you want to direct?


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