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I still haven’t seen Transformers Dark of The Moon yet, but it seems Michael is having a hard time especially from critics compared to movie fans according to Rotten Tomatoes with only 38% critics to 90% Fans enjoyed the 3rd movie.Are times really that hard for the Baymeister? Are they so hard he has to delve deep into his back catalogue for inspiration: say The Island? Minus the CGI robots, both movies seem to have a “similar” scene, check out the video above!


3 thoughts on “TRANSFORMERS 3 And THE ISLAND Share A Scene?

  1. FreakaNique says:

    Being a fan of Michael Bay and having listened to The Island’s commentary he admits such things. He says in that commentary that people accuse him of “ripping off himself” from Bad Boys 2 where cars are thrown on the freeway in a similar fashion as these railroad axels. Stop being a hater and go see Transformers 3.

    • I’ve seen the movie (transformers 3), I enjoyed it, not a hater, revenge of the fallen wasn’t his best movie he even admitted it himself, only posted this to let the people decide, it does look similar but im sure we could get a 100 hundred movies by other directors and they probably use similar techniques becomes more of a trademark move rather than ripping off. Never seen Bad Boys 2

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