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Matthew Goode To Appear in Chan-Wook Park’s Stoker?

Korean film maker Chan-Wook Park may not be known by many Blockbuster movie fans but he is the man who introduced to the world the brilliant cult classic Oldboy as well as the fantastic Thirst to movies known to cinephiles worldwide. For several months we’ve known that the film maker is to make his English language debut with Stoker a movie which has a script penned by Prison Brake star Wentworth Miller  under his pen name of Ted Foulkes.

The movie already has Mia Wasikowska , Nicole Kidman already attached to star in the movie  but the part to play the leading male role has been causing a few headaches for everyone involved. Everyone from Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender, Joel Edgerton and James Franco have all been connected but according to  Variety that may well be about to change as Watchmen star Matthew Goode has now been connected to play that part.

Stoker tells the story of a young woman whilst mourning the death of her father, her mysterious uncle suddenly appears whom she’s never met to replace him as head of the family but soon enough the uncle doesnt seem to be the person he first appears to be.

That mysterious uncle will be the role Goode is in talks to play with Wasikowska to to play the young woman. There is aready some doubters if Matthew Goode can actually pull of the part, but lets look at The Watchmen where he played Ozymandias brilliantly who was mysterious as well as creepy when the truth came out about him. The thing that is however eluding people is the vicious rumours that the male lead character is actually a vampire, a rumour strongly denied by Miller but he did say “it is a thriller and it is about an individual who preys on the innocent”, further describing the movie as impossible to actually tag but more like a Hitchcockian  thriller.

Whoever gets the role be it Matthew Goode or someone else, if the Korean filmmaker can pull of the essence of his previos movies such as Oldboy we’re in for an exciting dark edged  twisted thriller something to really look forward to in 2012.

The movie will be produced by Tony and Ridley Scott for Scott Free Productions.


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