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Check out This Cool FAST & FURIOUS Info Graphic!

I’ll admit and hold my hands up Fast & Furious 5 : RIO HEIST I did not give this movie any positive promotion until I actually watched the movie myself when it came out. I was like many others not fans of the previous 4 movies I gave the movie no hope in hell but we gotwas a refreshing fun heist movie that surprised us all, if you havent seen it yet and have the doubts I may have had dont worry its a fun no brainer that’ll get you munching at your popcorn as fast as the cars on the screen.

Would you ever think about having Fast & Furious and Oscar in the same sentence? Probably not but today news story broke that Vin Disel beleives the franchise should get some recognition at the Oscar’s ceremony. When you look at the figures £52 million at the American opening ($85m) the biggest for any movie including the movies that  where expected to do that good, so far $300m (£275m) not bad for a movie which had a $125million budget. We’re not talking best actor, or Best director here we’re talking the awards for the action scenes, special fx and on the evidence of how well its done at the box office why not?

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Check out this cool Fast & Furious Franchise infographic  which gives you all the need to know info on the franchise, from the revenue, Profits, the movies influence on the car culture and the ‘players’ the franchises characters.

[Via: SaveTodayAutoInsurance — Car Insurance Quotes]
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