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Maggie Grace Returning To Be Kidnapped Again in TAKEN 2?

We already know there is a TAKEN 2 in the works and all depending on scheduling Liam Neeson may take up the role as ex government worried father Bryan Mills but who will be taken this time? What about Kim his screen daughter played by Maggie Grace? According to Deadline the star of the first movie has signed up to reprise her role once again but nothing is clear yet if she will be one ‘taken’ again, tough we can say we think she could be targeted at some point of the movie even if she’s not the intended victim.

Luc Besson has co-written a script with Transporter franchise scribe Robert Mark Kamen with Oliver Megaton who directed Transporter 3, Zoe Saldana’s Colombiana will be directing this movie instead of Pierre Morrel. Taken was a surprise but fantastic hit vengence movie but to keep the suspense and the movie fresh what new can they do to make sure they have similar if not better success?

Everything will depend on the casts scheduling but expect them to start shooting end of the year early 2012 in time for a 2013 release .




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