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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Confirmed In THE DARK NIGHT RISES, Juno Temple May Follow

We’ve been talking about it for a while is he? or isn’t he? And Yes Joseph Gordon-Levitt is finally offically confirmed as a cast member of Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Its great to finally confirm Gordon-Levitt is now a fully fledged cast member in Nolan’s swan song in his Trilogy quest, but what part the actor willplay is still up for debate but his confirmation reunites him with his Inception director and cast member Tom Hardy all we need now is for the Marion Cotillard rumour to be confirmed and its virtually a Inception reunion.

One other piece of The Dark Knight Rises gossip concerns English actress Juno Temple the star of Last years British indie drama Cracks who could be joining Gordon-Levitt & Co as a “street smart Gotham City girl ” though her possiblye part in the movie will only be a supportive role.

So from the cast confirmed we know Anne Hathaway is confirmed as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman with Tom Hardy beefing it up to play Bane with or without the Gimp mask so what about Gordon-Levitt? There’s been several villians been mentioned with The Riddler been the first one which could stil be a possiblity if Nolan is going for a Marvel Comics style Sinister Six which could lead to The League Of Shadows. If this is to be the route his possible character could be BlackMask with the group bringing in Bane along with Talia Al Ghul a character Cotillard has been linked to play. There’s also the possibility of Alberto Falcone the Holidaykiller serial Killer but his character could be a new character or one of Batman’s foes we havent thought of yet, but who said it will be a villian he’ll play?

There’s only one man who can answer all these questions thats Christopher Nolan and he is keeping the characters along with the plot very close to his chest but soon he will and The Peoples Movies will do their best to keep you updated.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is scheduled For July 20th 2012 summer release and Joseph Gordon Levitt joins Christian Bale,Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy as the confirmed cast.

What’s your views on the above happy?Surprised? Who will he play? Leave your comments below please.

source Variety


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