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First Looks at Chris Evans & Andrew Garfield in Captain America and Spiderman reboot

The first offical images of Marvel Entertainment’s next blockbuster movies outside X-Men / Wolverine Franchise have been unveiled online. First up Entertainment Weekly have printed in there upcoming issue the first look at Chris Evan’s as Captain America in costume with some nice painted wings , Im not a fan of this character though peer pressure will force me to watch this, I do however like the 2 soldiers behind the captain!

Second Character on the agenda is our first look at Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in Marc Webb’s reboot of Spiderman now in unglorious 3D which is currently been filmed in time for its July 2012 release by Sony Entertainment. I am more enthusiastic for this character as it was Spiderman that got me into comicbooks when I was younger and alot of questions have been asked was Andrew Garfield the right choice to play everyones favourite webslinger? I think we can say yes!!! After his fantastic performance in The Social Network it proved how versatile a actor he is and has a bright future ahead of him in acting.

So what do you think guys? How do both images look to you? Are you looking forward to any of these movies or cant you stand comicbook movies? Do you like Comicbook movie and think hollywood is going too far with comicbook movies? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

sources CBM / /Film


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