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New Offical UK Trailer For Duncan Jones SOURCE CODE

Well as I finished my last minute christmas shopping Optimum Releasing have sent me the offical UK trailer for Duncan Jones (Moon) SOURCE CODE which will be out March 11th,2011 in UK & Ireland.

The movie does look a step up for Jones as in finance but whatever he seems to create he gets the praise within the industry as well media (sadly not the awards).Source Code has gained alot of praise due to its simple but clever story which spans over a ten minute period, think 12 Monkeys mixed with Groundhog Day, mixing Sci-fi,mystery and thriller elements. This trailer is similar in most parts like last months American domestic trailer however this trailer does approach the movie in a different way as well some new tidbits.

Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier part of an experimental government programme investigating terrorist and particular on a train and this experiment lets him dive into a  a body of unknown person, 8 minutes before the attack. The movie also stars  Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright.

Synopsis:Directed by Duncan Jones (MOON) SOURCE CODE centers on a soldier (Jake Gyllenhaal, JARHEAD) who, as part of an experimental government program to investigate a terrorist incident, finds himself in the body of an unknown commuter living and reliving a harrowing train bombing until he can find out who is responsible for it.


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