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A New CYRUS UK Poster

I first heard about Cyrus away back at the start of the year when it premiered at the Sundance Festival, I had no idea what the movie was all about, was it a Biopic of Billy Ray Cyrus (father of Miley) the country singer turn actor? It would have been called “Akey Breakie Heart” – The Billy Ray Cyrus story! No its The Duplas Brother’s new comedy starring John C Reilly, Jonah Hill and Marisa  Tomei in a movie which Reilly plays a divorcee who has been down on his luck, ex-wife getting remarried and he meets the woman of his dreams played by Marisa Tomei but she has one little problem the son from hell played by Jonah Hill.

I’m sure if you enjoyed the duplass brothers other movies like Baghead, The Puffy Chair and The Intervention you’ll love this one. The movie came out a while back in USA and did get some good reviews, this is probably the brothers biggest budgeted feature to date andit may also be a little more drama based it looks likely the movie will do well here in the UK.

Empire have been sent a exclusive look at the new UK poster for the movie from Fox Searchlight and it has the ample gagline line of “Dream Woman, Nightmare Son” so you know its going to be a battle of the wits between Reilly and Hill’s characters. I dont know if there taking the rip Empire said they’ve seen another poster which has the line of “Seriously, don’t f**k his mom” we’ll find out soon enough!

Cyrus is out in UK & Ireland on September 17th, check out the new poster:



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