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Hail Gollum! Andy Serkis To Join ‘The Rise Of The Apes’

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source Variety

My Preshissss!!! as Gollum would say and talking of Gollum Andy Serkis is been lined up to play the lead ape Cesar in the The Planet of The Apes prequel RISE OF THE APES according to Variety.

The movie has James Franco as the human lead with Frieda Pinto, John Lithgow also starring (possibly Don Cheadle joining too ifrumours are confirmed) with Rupert Wyatt directing with June 24, 2011 been the targeted U.S release date.

The movie was be set in Modern day San Francisco which sees Franco an driven scientist who is determined to find a cure for alzhiemers which his on screen father (Lithgow is suffering from) and experiments on the apes. Through his experimenting on a ape called Cesar he discovers he has given them human intelligence and decides to protect him and all hell break loose. Serkis will play Cesar who becomes the Ape that starts the Simian revolt, the same role Roddy McDowall played in the 1972 Conquest of The Apes.

When the filming starts (next month) Andy Serkis will be back with familar faces, his good friends at WETA (whom created Gollum on screen on LOTR trilogy) who are responsible for photo rendering the apes meaning more shooting in the old motion capture bodysuit! This will be a first for the franchise as the original actors and even the actors from Burton ‘forgotten’ version all wore costumes. Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson are using the bodysuits with the actors with their animated movie version of  The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn which Serkis is also part of.


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