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Is Spock to play George Gershwin in Steven Spielberg’s Biopic?

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source Collider

To many of us Zachary Quinto is better known as Syler in the tv hit series HEROS or more recently playing a young Spock in the recent reboot of STAR TREK.  Recently its been quoted with the sequel of Star Trek to star production soon, Zachary Quinto has possibly said he would like to put the character to spock to rest for a about 2 years.  Today Deadline Hollywood have reported that Zachary Quinto has been lined up to play the famous Broadway composer/pianosit George Gerswhin in a Biopic movie about the great man.

What is really catching the eye of many people is Steven Spielberg wants to be the mn sitting in the directors chair for this movie! After a number movies and TV Series as executive producers, Mr Speilberg seems to be desperete to get back directing and sees this project as an ideal starter for him.  This movie seems to be on of three projects he has his eye on especially after the collapse of the Harvey & OldBoy remake projects. We also have the Lincon project with the Liam Neeson as the possible Abe Lincon along with the Interstellar project. The first is the Tintin trilogy with movie one just went in post production for a 2011 release and here’s hoping there isnt going to be another Indiana Jones and the temple of lost  wheelchairs.

Zachary Quinto’s came into the limelight with Heros moving onto to play the iconic Spock in the retelling of Star Trek last Summer. This shows Zachary is capable to act in a diverse range of roles, probably why the no spock for 2 years gossip came out.  This could be his transition into a leading hollywood actor but if he can sustain that reputation is another matter.

It is reported that Dreamworks has already started working on this project with Zachary going into accent and dialogue training with a possible shooting starting as early as April.


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