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Twilight New Moon: Interview – Michael Sheen (Aro)

The last couple of years have been good for British actor Michael Sheen: Frost Vs Nixon, Dammed United, The Queen and even some franchise work in Underworld where he plays the Lycane King/Prince. He even has parts in 2010 movie’s Alice In Wonderland and Tron Legacy so he is an very exciting actor to here and talk about and if your a Twilight Saga fan you’ll really enjoy this.

Michael Sheen plays Aro one of the main leaders of the Volturi clan, the royal family/governing body of the vampires and thanks to Collider here is an 10 minute interview they had with Michael recently. Look out for more video interviews with some of the cast very shortly (according to Collider website) as we get very close to release date of Twilight Saga:New Moon (November 20th)




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