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Update – 17th August

Well its been a quite week/weekend for new trailers, but I have posted a few I found in the trailers page;

Extract new comedy from Mike Judge (late 2009/early 2010)

Did you hear about the morgans? starring Sarah Jessica Parker, hugh grant(jan 2010)

Nine nicole kidman, Daniel Day Lewis (nov 27th)

The Stepfather remake of the 1980’s slasher horror

You will have noticed The trailers page redesign is now complete, im sure you can see it looking alot better, i hope to fix up some of the other pages very soon.

On Saturday I watched A Perfect Getaway starring Steve Zahn, Mila Jovovich and I did enjoy it, lots of twists and tonight I am going to see a free preview of Adventureland  so expect reviews coming very shortly.

I have to apologise that the Mesrine Article ive been working on hasnt been posted yet, im not going to make any excuses but it will be posted online this week.

Anyway remember The Blog is now on various social networks, more reasons to follow the blog and join the friends list on each network as well.


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