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Watch The Official Trailer/Promo For Season 2 Of THE WALKING DEAD!!!

If you can remember back to this time last year the anticipation for Frank Darabont‘s tv  adaptation of THE WALKING DEAD Season 1 was launched at Comic Con 2010? 1 year on and there back and they’ve launched season 2 and we have a  trailer/promo reel! 16th October is the date for American fans to watch the new season on AMC nothing is official on the exact date for FX in UK but what I believe its Halloween when the Walking Dead will return to Britis/Irish television screens!

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A Video spot For WALKING DEAD Season 2!!!

Apparently its not official tv spot, but it looks damn good, so are you looking forward to the dead walking among us in Season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD? They will return this Autumn for a 12 part season coming to UK& Ireland via FX Channel and AMC Channel in USA!

Source: STYD


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Inside Look at THE WALKING DEAD, Season 2!!!

AMC have posted this video ‘diary’ of the first day of shooting for season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD which is due out in USA On Halloween, unsure exactly when in UK on FX, we assume similar time or a few weeks later like November!  source

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Need Some Stationery? Get Yourself some ZOMBIE Stationery!!!

This is brilliant! In need off some stationery? Why not get yourself not just boring oldwhite stationery get some zombie stationery!!! These are real stationery and fantastic idea, very simple but effective. So you’ve had the undead ted of the dead movie short so why not grab yourself some zombie writing paper and envelopes and let Fox know your desperete for more Walking Dead!!!

Thanks Zippy64 for pointing this image out, whic he found at Boingboing and if you know where to get the stationery let us know!!!

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Home Alone With Zomebies!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Think of all those years you cringed at Macauly Culkin just wanted to giving him a good kicking but you know you just couldnt, he was one of the annoying figures of 1980’s/early 1990’s. So what if HomeAlone but you were surrounded by vampiric zombies? Well check out this mash up of Home Alone and I am Legend vampire zombie, oh just wish one of the bugger bit him turn him into a zombie!!!

Source: /Film