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2009/11 is 1980s Kids Dream or a nightmare?

There’s no point of hiding it, I’m 34 next month and what they used to call, “Thatchers children”; a kid during the Dangermouse_cast1980’s when Margaret Thatcher dictatorship was a reign of terror over the British population. She openly admitted she would press the button and blow us all up with a nuke bomb, if Russia or any of its allies remotely pissed her off. Mass unemployment, closing many of the country’s core industries, it was a scary and depressing  era to live in. But, I always remembered  the magical (and some times awful) kids television programmes and films.

There’s many programmes and cartoons of an era long gone; The cartoons I remember are: Danger Mouse and his faithful assistant, as they fought the evil Baron Greenback and the voices where all done by David Jason (who brought us the classic Delboy Trotter in Only Fools and Horses) Continue reading