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Every Michael Bay Movie Under A Minute!

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This is funny, Transformers:Dark Of The Moon is finally out and to many critics, Michael Bay, has created another howler; so he’s having a bit of a hard time with the press. We haven’t seen the movie yet, but here’s a funny video from College Humour which has every Michael Bay Movie under 1 minute!

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Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Review


Location: Grandview Mall, Guangzhou, China   Date: July 10th, 2009

I’ve never seen the first Movie and after seen this I dont want to either now. As Ive mentioned many times on this blog i was a kid in the 1980’s and Transformer toys and cartoons where the rage for boys of my age group, the old robots in disguise so curiousity as well my girlfriend wanted to see it, so why not. Continue reading

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CINEMAS IN CHINA (Guangzhou style) Part.2

national-flag All those little (large) things you hate about the cinema happen here in China. Playing with mobile phones, texting there friends and family every minute, bad ringtones, talking loudly i experienced them all in the first movie. I have to say the other movies there wasnt really much of the mobile phone use happening but it was still annoying. If they where to use the warning messege you get before movies in UK about use of mobile phones, it would be all out war. I would n’t want to be a usher as you would spend more time ejecting people from the screen, the screen would be empty by the end of the movie!!! The cinema would have a new peoples revoultion on their hands. Continue reading

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CINEMAS IN CHINA (Guangzhou Style) Part.1

national-flag Most of us are used to going to cinema’s in UK to those big American Style multiplex out  of town cinema with 10 or more screens with all the latest big blockbusters, everything in big scale including the ticket price.

Some people are fortunate to been in a town which still has the old style art deco town centre picturehouse, Ive also experienced cinemas in Greece and Italy too. Many in Greece are big openeair in main holiday resorts, Italy has a mixture of old and new cinemas, recently I got back from China visiting my girlfriend and before I got there she told me she wanted to go to cinema so i got very excited on the prospect of visiting cinemas in another country.

Continue reading