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Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland: first trailer released HD

alice_in_wonderland_poster_mad_hatter The first trailer for Tim Burton’s version of Disney’s classic story Alice In wonderland has just been recently released. Visionary director brings his gothic splendour to this classic fairytale, whilst the original kept to a sweet and delightful storyline  expect all the darkness, madness and fun you’ll expect from a Burton animation/movie. This will be a mixture of 3D/live action/animation.

The story still follows the basis of Alice following the rabbit down into hole into wonderland, but she visited 10 years before, now she’s  17 and no recollection of her first visit. Alice will be reunited with all her old friends and enemies and what a cast this film has!!!

Alice will be played by Mia Wasikowska , Helena Bonham Carter (Red Queen), Alan Rickman (Caterpillar), Anne Hathaway (White Queen), Michael Sheen (The White Rabbit), Stephen Fry (Cheshire Cat), Timothy Spall (Bloodhound), Christopher Lee (The Jaberwock), Noah Taylor (The March Hare), Little Britian’s  Matt Lucas (Tweedledee/Tweedledum) and we cant the forget Tim Burton’s main man Johnny Depp (The Madhatter) a role Johnny was destined to do. He just so perfect to play those mad crazy and at times scary parts.

This looks like itll be a cracker and its always good to see a classical story get a fresh update and even with a darker edge to it. There’s a long time before this film will hit the big screens as release dat in UK is 12 MARCH 2010.