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reel wisdom: 40 Lessons From Films in 7 Minutes!

Do you seek words of wisdom? Well watch this!


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First Glimpse of Karl Urban as Joe JUDGE DREDD

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POLL: Remakes, reboots and sci-fi’s

The Last few years, this year especially and the next few to come a pattern seems to be forming with the movies. Alot of old classic or some not so classic films have been getting remade, rebooted such as Terminator, Star Trek the recent big two plus theres talk of the predator, Alien franchises be rebooted as well. 2010/11 Nightmare on Elm Street, when worlds collide and Clash of the Titans  are also be made, but also there has been a flurry of sci-fi/post apocalyptic films coming our way like the ROAD (Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron)Pandurom (Dennis Qauid), Zombieland, and possible talk of another Romero zombie flick.

So Ive compiled  2 polls asking: What have been your favourite remakes/rebootss and what classic film would you like to be remade or rebooted?