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Drag Me to Hell – Review

cinema: Cineworld Renfrew Street, Glasgow

Date: Sat, 30 May 2009

Today I had to go into Glasgow for something and decided to go see the film at the world’s tallest cinema in Glasgow City Centre. Drag Me To Hell is Sam Raimi’s return to the horror genre and boy what a return! Over the last few years Raimi produced the recent Spiderman movies but he is most famous for the legendary Evil Dead trilogy from the 1980s  and Drag me to hell has been mention to be the scariet movie of the year and I have to agree but it is also a funny film.

This film is a rollercoaster of  “shit my pants” and “piss my pants” moments done the way only Raimi knows. It has reminiscent of the Evil Dead; the spinning Lohman been dragged in a room similar to Campbell been dragged and spun around a undergrowth in Evil Dead two, also the tilted disorientated camera giving a lot of tension. This film is a cameraman’s heaven with so many styles of filming taking place and all defining Raimi; The shakycam giving the stalker approach, the fast moving follow camera and the whip-pan superfast cam that causes a image to blur like a disorientation which raimi used several times in the spiderman films.

The story of this film is so simple, Christine Brown (lohman) a successfull Loans officer for a LA bank is gunning for promotion and is approached by an old Hungarian Gypsy woman to her get more money to keep her house but christine refuses and from there the old gypsy breaksdown and curses her. Christine’s shift finishes and makes her way to her car in the banks eerie underground carpark. Christine is getting paranoid as the only other car in the lot was the old womans. The old womans hanky floats over to Christines car and slips into her car and the old gpsy woman is now in the back of christines car and her life just goes down hill from here. After a brawl with old lady  which included a handy use for a staple gun, the gpysy woman curses christine once again. There is so many moments of cringe and dont look ectoplasmic gore backed up with Raimi’s wicked sense of humour, like a moment Christine fights with the old womans hanky which was similar to Campbells fight with his severed hand in evil dead 2 movie.

through out the film you do feel sorry for Christine as she breaks down piece by piece and you wonder how far she’ll go to live. If you are looking for a Evil Dead for the 21st century this is it, it has all the trademarks of a typical Raimi horror. Im not a fan of rollercoasters but this was one rollercoaster I did enjoy, im sceptical of movies that get so much hype but this one deserves the hype  as its so good. As your auld mum always says to you before you go out “remember to wear a clean pair of pants as you never know what could happen” well this is great advice for this flick, a masterpiece.