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Saw 6 teaser trailer online (HD)

saw6poster2-1 The first teaser trailer of the never ending Saw franchise is online now. Film 6 will have all the thrills, spills, bloods and guts you expect from the movies with Jigsaw playing his sadistic games on his many victims. Hoffman played by Costas Mandylor has emerged as the person to continue Jigsaw’s legacy and as his former employers the FBI’s get closer to him he is forced to set the game in motion.

Tobin Bell(Jigsaw/John), Shawnee Smith are both in the movies again and the 6th installment is directed by Kevin Greutert

The film release date I cant find for UK but I expected around Halloween time as thats the US release date. This franchise does go on forever, its cheesy but its fun as well.