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Alien Prequel to Be in 3D: Green Lantern & Suckerpunch to go 3D as well

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kelburnIm still currently working on rate my cinema and I was getting info on all the the cinema chains (small and large) in UK and some Irish) and getting customer service info etc, and when I was looking through the small cinema chains, I was just so jealous why? I live in town which has a multiplex cinema but it wasnt always like that. My hometown of Paisley 10 miles west of Glasgow right up to mid 1990’s the towns cinema was The Kelburn which was located on Glasgow Road about 5 minutes walk east out the town centre. Glasgow road was the main road which goes straight through the town, a major bus route so it was easy to get to the cinema by bus or foot (10minutes). Then alot of things happened like a mysterious fire broke out, the cinema was split from 5 screens (i think?) down to 3 with the other 2 screens been converted to a bingo hall. This period the cinema going was at its lowest and places like Kelburn where a dying breed any these cinemas where been scrapped for inflated prices at the Americanised cinema complexes. Continue reading