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Arsebreakers: Are the movie’s getting longer or poorer?

smile We go to the cinema, we buy the tickets, we go and buy the extra large size popcorn and coke then make our way to the screen your film is on at. Sit down and enjoy the movie and munch and drink away, suddenly into the film you have the urge to go to the toilet but its at a important part of the movie. So do you hold onto the end of the movie, not knowing how long the movie has (and possibly have a accident) or do simply get to the toilet and miss that important part of the movie? Well it depends on the movie but is it me are movies getting longer and becoming arsebreakers as we struggle to stay comfortable to enjoy the movie?

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Public Enemies Review


Location: Cineworld, Renfield St Glasgow  Date: July 25th, 2009

The first movie I watched since I returned from China plus today was my birthday and Public Enemies was a film I was eagerly waiting to watch this since it came out start of July and it wasnt even released in China yet. Continue reading

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Ive been home since 22nd July first day or to ive been full of jetlag over a 13hour flight from asia so I didnt do much those days but im gradually updating. today Im off to cinema to see Public Enemies and hopefully get review online later tonight first thing sunday, i will also add the reviews of the film i saw in china: transformers2, terminator salvation, night of the musuem 2 and Harry Potter and half blood prince.

if you are going to cinema please post me a review go to contact info on what to do.

more updates coming shortly….

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UPDATE: Coming Soon Page added

just added a coming soon page, which has a list of the release date of the films coming out in UK in 2009, plus info on 2010 releases as well. The list isn’t perfect or 100% exact, some release dates may change, but you can use it as a guide. I have also included some trailers as well, I will update it as much as i can, if you can help please get in touch.