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The Informant – First Trailer [HD]

informant The  trailer for Matt Damon’s upcoming film THE INFORMANT has been posted online. The film is a tale about high ranking multiglobal comapny board member (Damon) turns whistleblower against his own company due to price-fixing.

He’s plays Mark Whitacre the informant! who gets so excited about becoming a FBI informant he records and narrates his every move, uses as many “spy” gadgets he can get his hands, even check his recording in a middle of a board meeting. Matt damon looks excellent in this trailer and even gained a few pounds (plus grown a moustache) to be more like the real Whitacre (yes this is all based on a true whistleblower). Whitacre gets so deep into the spying theres times he cant split reality from  fiction but end of the day he still hails himself a hero of the common people,hmm!

The film also stars Frank Welker (the man who voiced Fred from orginal scooby doo cartoons), Scott Bakula (aka Sam from Qauntim leap or Jonathan Archer Star Trek Enterprise) and Melanie Lynskey (Rose from US ‘comedy’ Two and a half men) and the film is directed by Steven Soderbergh whon Matt Damon has worked with on The Ocean’s eleven films before.

Matt Damon does steal the show here in this film and looks very funny as well as surprise alot of people with it comedy value and has the classiness of the first oceans 11 movie, Ive even read this could possibly get a oscar nonimee for, maybe.

The film is been released by Warner Bros and this looks a good black comedy as we eagly await for the return of Jason Bourne in 2011. The Informant will be out UK, NOVEMBER 6TH