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Exclusive! The Red Band Trailer for Jennifer’s Body!-

fox-jensbody Thanks to the boys and girls at the first teaser trailer for  Jennifer’s Body starring the sexy Megan Fox (Transformers). Fox plays Jennifer a cheerleader gone bad as she get possessed by a demon and starts killing and eating all the boys at her college. Her best friend is Needy played by Amanda Seyfried who was last seen as the bride in Mama Mia the movie in 2008, film is directed by oscar winning Cody Diablo (won it for Juno)

Im unsure if its just USA but the first full trailer for this film will be shown as a cinema trailer before Bruno this coming week. Film is out in September in USA and 9th October in UK.

Click on the link below to watch the trailer and tell us what you think of it, and click on your browser back button to come back to this page.

Exclusive! The Red Band Trailer for Jennifer’s Body!-

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