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The Book Of Eli – First Trailer released

bookofeliposter The First teaser trailer for The Book of Eli the post apocalyptic action movie staring Denzil Washington. Eli (Washington) is a lone man who treads and fights his way across a desolate wasteland of America set in near future and has in his possession a book which holds the key to bring civilization back from the brink of destruction.

The film also stars Michael Gambon who is currently starring as Dumbledore in Harry Potter, Gary Oldman, the sexy Mila Kunis who many of you may know as the voice of Meg Griffin in Family Guy. Jennifer Beals, Tom Waits and Ray Stevenson.

The film is directed by the Hughes Brothers and written by Gary Whitta and Warner Brothers Studios will release the film.

The film will be out in UK 15th January 2010