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Get Involved With THE PEOPLES MOVIES, watch free movies

hi guys thanks for positive comments you send but still too many people asking me why theres no posts during the daytime, my simple reason is I have to work and I dont get a chance to start new posts until 8pm at night if i do earlier its because im off. Basically I only get 3 hours a day to do what i used to do in one full day so even though I love to do more I cant and this is where you can come in.

I’m looking for passionite movie fans  who can help during the daytime as well as nighttime help with the posts, posting any news, maybe the odd trailer, at night i will be there to help. Maybe you want to have a regular column on movies my site is your free platform. If you want to get involved in any other way, you know the drill drop me a email and we can chat.

What can I do for you?I’m constantly getting dvd screeners, movie previews (some lucky people watching harry potter next week), the blogs name is spreading and could have had people at toronto, edinburgh, london, frightfest,vancouver, dublin, leeds, berlin,san francisco,tokyo  film festivals repersenting the blog and a chance to see some great movies, I can help with this.

so what do you do… get in touch get involved, my movies, your movies, everyones movies…thepeoples movies!!!