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Movie Reviews – Need Your Help! Please!!

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The Peoples Movies Blog – Still Here….

Hello all many thanks for everyone who has been checking out my blog and you may have noticed its been not updated for a while, well theres a reason.

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Hello all

In the next week or so, im going to start  working on relaunching this blog possibly as a website. I have a idea for a new name for the blog or site and will tell you nearer the time.

My aim is to post as many new movie trailers, release dates, any interesting news, your reviews, plus anything movie related that comes to me or if you have anything please get in touch.

One new section will be “Rate my Cinema”, your chance to rate your local cinema(s), tell us what you think. The ratings will be on everything to do with the cinema, prices, qaulity of snacks, customer service, cleaniness, Comfort of seats/screens.

I tried my best to keep up to date and promote the website as much as i could, i am very passionite movie goer and i want this to work and would great for future help in contribution and design,

stay tuned