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The Adjustment Bureau adds Anthony Mackie to cast


I love my Science fiction and I was very intrigued that one of Phillip K Dick‘s short story’s The Attitude Adjustment was been made into a movie. Other Phillip K Dick novels that have made the big screen where Minority Report, Paycheck, Total Recall, A scanner Darkly, Screamers and most of famous of them all Blade Runner.

Thanks to Variety via Empire Magazine online it was revealed that Anthony Mackie has joined the cast which already has Matt Damon and Emily Blunt on its list. Anthony Mackie will burst onto the big screen on 28th August with The Hurt Locker

The Attitude Adjustment plot is basically about an  affair between a politician(Damon) and a ballerina(Blunt) which is affected by mysterious forces keeping the lovers apart. The movie is been written and directed by George Nofli and this will Nofli’s debut film though he has written for Bourne Ultimatium and Ocean’s Twelve.

Filming for the movie starts September time and expect the movie to come out late 2010 early 2011.