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Robert Downey Jnr To Voice PEABODY & SHERMAN For Dreamworks

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PLANET 51 – trailer

planet_51_poster_m I like my animation and like it when its a little different and PLANET 51 looks like it’ll be a good one.

We are always seen films and animations about aliens coming to earth and the paranoia of alien invasions, what if the roles where reversed? Well Planet 51  thats what happens when a Shrek like inhabitants of Planet 51 paranoia kicks in and a astronaut from earth, Captain Charles “chuck” baker (voiced by the only and only) Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson lands on the planet and he befriends a young resident and helps Capt. Baker avoid capture and get back to his ship and return home.

This will be one enjoyed by evryone as they’ll be jokes the kids will love and the adults will like too. There looks like they’ll spoof up alot of old classic sci-fi, the best one been Planet 51’s pet ‘dogs’ which resemble little Xenomorphs or the things from the Aliens franchise. Theres a massive cast of actors who lend there voice talents to this movie including, sean william scott, justin long, jessica biel, john cleese , Gary Oldman and  rupert degas.

The animation is been released by Columbia Pictures and will be out in UK December 4th so this will be one to watch over the Christmas period.