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Sherlock Holmes: Do we need another version?

basilrathbone.sherlock 1887 the world’s number one slueth was born and made his first appearance in print. Sherlock Holmes was created by Scottish born Pyhisicist Arthur Conan Doyle,¬† the fictional detective¬† based in baker street London a master technician of observing, deductive reasoning¬† and expertly logically concluding and solving extremely difficult cases.

When we see Sherlock Holmes we picture him magnyifing glass, the dearstalker hat, the calabash pipe and the great man always is some deep (logical)thought. Holmes has been in hundreds of books, aired in many radio dramas, appeared in countless Movie & TV movie adaptations and this christmas Madonna’s ex hubby Guy Ritchie will release his version of the great detective, so do we really need another version?

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