Welcome To The Peoples Movies! The slogan for this site is “Your Movies, My Movies The Peoples Movies” and thats the reason why I started this site. Im like you Im a movie fan and recently rediscovered my true love for movies and I wanted a platform where I could talk about movies, write about them, show the trailers give honest opinon without prejeduce. If you love a movie that mainstream media loathed or they loved but you hated it and The Peoples Movies is the site to do that.

Talk, argue, debate that what I wanted without the mainstream snobery hanging over your heads and what ver you opinon no questions asked. What first started as a passtime whilst at college has now explode into a fully fledged blog/website which seems to grow all the time and away back on November 20th 2008 I did think this site would last as long but thanks to you guys its still here and getting bigger and better!!!

If you love the Hollywood Blockbuster or simply checking out trailers, reading some reviews or anything remotely to do with movies The Peoples Movies will do its best to cover. Love movies want to get involved just email me and say hello!

The Peoples Movie was Nominated for Best Overall Blog at the Total Film Movie Blog Awards 2011





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Writer / Movie Reviewer

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Passion for movies? Want to talk, write, watch,eat ,sleep movies? Watch movies, report from film festivals,etc on behalf of the blog?  (more suggestion below)

email thepeoplesmovies@gmail.com


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REGULAR CONTRIBUTORS – Do you have time during the day to maybe do a few posts on news stories possibly the odd trailer ? You can also help out at night time as well

COLUMNISTSDo you have a lot of views serious or even funny , well the blogs the place for you to have a regular column, movie related get in touch.

REVIEWERS – I do get alot of dvd screeeners sent to me  and if you can get to London a-ok there is chance for youto check out movies weeks before there released. Reviewers in the past have watched 44 Inch Chest, Adventureland, Last Exorcism, Next Three Days, Due Date, Buried, Jackboots on Whitehall and many more great movies

COMMENTORS – Start a debate going with adding comments after new posts, help spread the post by adding them to other social networks.

DESIGNERS – The design aspect Im limited due toWordpress limitations but can you help with graphics for reviews, interviews, banners,etc? Get in touch

FILM FESTIVALSOver the past 12 months the site has been recognised by Toronto, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Berlin, Dublin, Vancouver, Tokyo, Frightfest,Raindance  many other festivals worldwide, so I can possibly help get you festival passess to review, interview, do daily reports on the festival, Ive been offered chance to visit but most because of where I am im unable to come but maybe you can?!

INTERVIEWERS – Fancy going to press conferences, standing in with the press at premieres or even do a phone interview with actors and filmmakers? come my way!

Like Your Movies arthouse or world cinema style? Would you like to get involved?  check out Cinehouse my world cinema/arthouse/independent blog  email cinehouseuk@gmail.com to get involved


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10 thoughts on “ABOUT

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  2. ariessun75 says:


    So I love Scotland, just had to say that. Thanks for an amazing site with great resources for all of us movie junkies out there. Hope to connect and read more on upcoming new flicks being released. Personally, love all kinds of movies, all genres, and hope to make one myself someday soon.
    Check out my blog if you get a moment.


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