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Wikio.Co.UK Speaks THE PEOPLES MOVIES Is A Top 20 UK Blog!

I have to admit July was a great month for The Peoples Movies in the terms of new visitors to the site, the site moving to another host to help things expand and now its the start of a new month which means we’ll see how well July really was. Usually around 5/6th of every month Wikio reveal to the world who are the best movie blogs of UK & Ireland, rankings which This site and our sister site Cinehouse UK are both part of. Today wikio have been in touch to give us a early peek at August rankings as thankfully The Peoples Movies has risen 3 places to 17th which is great but hopefully get even better next month.

So a big thank you to all you readers please keep the supporting , but I must n’t forget Pierre, Dexter, Harry, Goncalo, Mike, Chris if it wasn’t for your hard work The Peoples Movies wouldn’t be going anywhere , cheers  all and admire the preview rankings!

1 HeyUGuys
2 Live for Films
3 Spoilers TV
4 Philip Bloom
5 Major Love of Film
6 Clothes on Film
7 Ultra Culture
8 Blogomatic3000
9 Mark Kermode’s film blog
10 Hollywood News
11 SciFiNow
12 ScreenTerrier
13 Flickering Myth Movie Blog
15 Film Studies For Free
16 A Dog Ate My Wookie!
17 Thepeoplesmovies’s Blog
18 Upodcasting- Under Promise Over Deliver
19 dark eye socket
20 The Afro Film Viewer

Ranking made by Wikio


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