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August is with us tomorrow and  Kees Van Dijkuizen  fantastic [Films Of] is now just passed the halfway stage and we’ve seen some fantastic diverse range of filmmakers showing their progress throught years. For July’s video Kees hasn’t went for a filmmaker but a studio, a studio thats been the forefront of some Hollywoods best ever animations of the past 25 years, that studio is Pixar.

Over the years, Pixar Animation Studios has brought us some of the most beautiful, exciting, hilarious and touching films ever. Not just a company, Pixar is a promise: the hopping lamp you’ll see in front of each feature film is a guarantee for a good time. Not just pioneering in but continuously revolutionizing both the animation and film industry, Pixar deserves an episode more than any other studio around. The seventh [the films of] focusses on their 12 feature films, highlighting some of the moments that made Pixar what it is today.

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Remember to check out   his Tumblr blog to see Kees thought process on his latest video.


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