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In about 4 weeks time UK’s Premier horrorfest Film 4 Frightfest will kick off its 12th year and one of the highlights of the festival is this movie TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL. As the saying goes “Looks are deceiving” and they most certainly are in this brilliant indie Horror Comedy Alan Tudyk (Transformers:Dark Of The Moon),Tyler Rabine (Reaper) are your friendly peaceful hillbillies who get caught up in a series misunderstandings with a group of young middle class teens in the middle of the back & Beyond  resulting in a big bodycount. Its a comedy which is a very hardsell in horror but every so often a gem does come by and TUCKER &DALE Vs.EVIL is one of those mashing up elements of Shaun of The Dead, Severence, Cottage and the hundreds of slasher in the woods style horrors.

The movie has been on the festival network since Sundance 2010 but finally thanks to Vertigo Films the movie is heading to Film 4 Frightfest on August 26th before getting a limited Cinema release then DVD/Blu-Ray release on September 23rd then September 26th in UK&Ireland. Thanks to the ComicCon happening right now in San Diego  Magnet Releasing the American distributor has released a new red band trailer which you can check out below courtesy of IGN


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