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The Tower Crumbles as Universal pull the plug on THE DARK TOWER Film & TV Series

When things dont work out be it a job, friendship, relationship you will always be greeted with a “Things were never meant to be” and unfortunately for THE DARK TOWER that is scrapped as Universal Pictures pulls the plug on the project. You could say its stating the obvious as this news was expected though it doesn’t mean we’re not disappointed  but Ron Howard’s ambitious attempt to bring Stephen King’s novel ended up been too much for the money men at Universal.

Howard’s plan was to make 3 films plus a tv series  with Javier Bardem to play the main character in the films then from season 2 of tv series (first season would be a younger actor). After several scripts were written for the film Universal actually agreed to the plan but not for the television series but in a era worldwide which money is tight for everyone and after several attempts for Howard’s team to actually reduce the budget it was ending up too big a risk,gamble for Universal to take  and so the plug was pulled.

Many fans where hoping the project was only going to be put back a few months but Howard since then has commited to creating the forumla One Rush which seem to be the final nail in the coffin. Even after the announcement to scrap Ron Howard still retains the rights and is free to shop around so its not all doom and gloom, just look at Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings Trilogy which face similar crisis so it might mean waiting a little longer .On a project which some believe would cost around $200million but if Universal rejected Guillermo Del Toro’s At The Mountains of Madness which del toro was looking for $150million its no wonder The Dark Tower Fell through.

source Deadline


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