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Tarantino’s Got A Woody For DJANGO UNCHAINED, Is It Kevin Costner?

It’s great to see whose going to be in upcoming big movies, but there is an extra excitement when its certain directors like  Quentin  Tarantino and Deadline have revealed Tarantino may have a ‘Woody’.

The report is linking Kevin Costner as the latest A-Lister to be connected with the upcoming western and they go as far as saying the actor is in final negotiations for the party of (Ace) Woody an sadistic slave driver who trains the slaves to fight each other for entertainment. Jamie Fox will play the titular role of Django, with Christoph Waltz playing Dr Schultz the hunter who frees as well as befriends Django, Leonardo Di Caprio is to play Calvin Candie Woody’s right hand man who forces the female slaves into prostitution. Samuel L Jackson also stars as Stephen the leading slave, the female lead who will play Django’s wife has also still to be confirmed.The story of Django Unchained will tell the story of a freed slave turned Bounty hunter who takes on the the men who enslaved him Woody& Candie along with freeing his wife.

Its been a great year for the 56 year old actor who is just about to start filming his part in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot MAN OF STEEL a movie which sees Costner play the ‘earth’ father of Clark Kent, Jonathan Kent. The will see British actor Henry Cavil play Superman, with Amy Adams, as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon playing General Zod .


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