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5 Fantastic CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST AVENGER ‘Mondo’ Posters

Here in the UK when you talk about cinemas or movie theatres as they’re  called Stateside to many its the place to watch a latest movie, get ripped off  with the £5($7) popcorn, £4($6) coke. But in certain parts of the world the cinema is just more than a cinema, lets take the Alamo Drafthouse a popular cinema chain in USA who happen to have a art boutique  MONDO within the cinema and regularly get great artists to design fantastic limited edition posters for an upcoming movie, these posters sell out soon as they go on sale! If you follow The Peoples Movies we have posted many of Mondo’s great posters in the past and they have released 5 fantastic posters dedicated to CAPTAIN AMERICA:FIRST AVENGER with such artists Olly Moss, Eric Tan, and Tyler Stout all lending their design skillsto a poster or two each, I just wish I could get them here in UK!

These posters will sell out so be quick or be disappointed  head to  @MondoNews to stay in touch on whats happening and if any American fans are heading to Comic Con this week make sure you check out MONDO’s first ever stand which will have loads of new posters created just for the event!

source Collider 


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